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Punishment Format, Requirements

Staff are expected to take screenshots of offenses and provide warnings and suggestions to players who are not following them. Staff will document warnings via screenshot of the offending item, inventory, or chat log.

At any point after the first offense, players are at risk of a ban with a staff vote. Admins have the ability to ban forever, Mods are able to ban for up to and including 12-hours.

Duping, Bug Exploits

Duping or using any known, unknown exploit to benefit yourself directly or indirectly or to add items is a bannable offense this punishment.

Afking Machines

A term used to describe a player using a machine or other material to move a player so as to acquire player time while not actually playing. These are not allowed and will result in a removal of time and rank. Serious or repeated offenses may result in further--possibly more creative--punishment.

Intentional lag and/or crash machines

Causing server lag and crashes on purpose may result in correctional punishment steps up to and inlcuding a ban. Please be cautious of the machines and contraptions you make to avoid violating this rule as well. Poorly made, large redstone tickers--for instance--can qualify under this rule regardless of intent. This rule isn't here to punish creative redstone users, either, but to insure smart contraption and machine wiring practices are kept to insure the stability of the server community as a whole.

Arguing With Staff

Staff are here to uphold the overall peace of the server and prevent exploitation. To do this, we must be very strict on the few rules we do have. We are not "out to get the player"; we have all experienced that kind of situation and been in similar situations on other server through the years of playing Minecraft ourselves. That said, when an event occurs that we need to enforce a rule, we expect the respect of the community to accept the rule quoted or referenced. This rule does not mean that Mods and Admins are essentially unquestionable gods that reign supreme over the server lands; that's not what we are after. If a rule is being enforced, and a player believes it to be an unjust enforcement, accept the ruling and then privately and civily contact that Mod and bring up the problem. Mistakes can be made--even by Mods and Admins--but pressing your luck with this can be taken as further violation of this rule. Finally, please be mindful of intent on this rule: Begging and pleading with final decisions regardless of outcome is not to be tolerated--publically or privately.

Example: "Bob_Dirt" decides to harass "Tobby_3114" by repeatedly using bad language and relentlesly hunting him down. Staff asks "Bob_Dirt" to leave "Tobby_3114" alone and to cease the uncontrolled language. "Bob_Dirt" then proceeds to continue his onslaught, and insists that it isn't against the rules. In this scenario, "Bob_Dirt" is wrong: He's harrassing a player and disobeying staff. Staff would likely sentence a punishment to "Bob_Dirt" for this at this time, and hopefully he doesn't continue his actions there after.

Player Harassment

  1. A player who directly harasses another player for over a 15min period within a 2 hr time frame. We're here to have fun, and a little playful harassment is fun to some people. Taking this too far, though, results in poor experience for everyone.
  2. Players camping or sitting in player's town impeding construction, hitting and draining shields, pushing or moving players in anyway adding status effects to nearby players.
  3. Interfering with staff while they are working.

Disrespecting Players/Staff

  1. Verbal, personal attacks on players and staff.
  2. Being overtly disrespectful. (e.g. Calling names, cursing at staff, threatening staff, consistent capslocking/cruise-control, etc)
  3. Overt cursing (swearing) multiple times in a row over public channels. Frankly, on this one, if you want to play Cartman over chat we couldn't care less...but take it to a PM channel or non-public channel--Discord or otherwise. We try to keep things PG-13 at the worst, but understand there are times where things just don't go your way and that's frustrating. Don't take it out on the channels, please.
  4. Racism, Relgion, and Politics are not to be dicsueed at all in any public system. If a civil political debate or religious debate is spawned--as sometimes happens--you'll be asked to move it to PM or private Discord chat. Racism is not tolerated at all on any platform. Just. Don't.

Bypassing PvP

  1. Harming a player's health or moving them while you are not a part of the town.
  2. Using weapon bypasses to harm a player that is protected from pvp.
  3. If a player is caught in another player’s town/claim and they were not invited/welcome, players then may forcibly remove said player(s) from their town using any methods necessary. This is not bypassing pvp--but classified as defending it.
  4. Use of the Witchery teleport and/or death curses. Poppets are considered bypassing at all times.
  5. Damaging a player's shields on purpose.

Shop Rules

  1. Do not sell under min prices. (For instance, Nether Stars are 500 minimum.)
  2. Do not use any machines except a small me system for stocking the shop. Hooking a Quantum Ring up to a tiny ME system is acceptable for this, if you want to run your shop off your primary network.
  3. If your shop expires for any reason, it's gone; period. Your items will be returned for a fee. Said fee is 300 per single chest full or 150 per 1k storage drive. You can not choose said items they will be selected at random, and drives will be delivered after chest items.
  4. No Teleporters

Donation Reward Center Rules & Agreement



By donating to the server, you are stating:

  1. You at least 13-years of age and have parental permission, or are over 18 years of age.
  3. You have legal authorization to use the debit/credit card and/or paypal account to donate.
  5. You will not charge back, dispute, or reverse any donation payments.
  7. You will not abuse any of your gifts and/or ranks.
  9. The Staff reserves the right to ban any account without notice with probable cause--regardless of rank, history, or reputation.
  11. You understand that there are no refunds and you can't issue a refund.
  13. You agree to all of the rules stated in this agreement.

If you do not agree with the terms listed above, please do not donate under any circumstance.